Business and Legal Service Offerings

Law firms, corporations, and businesses operate in a highly regulated ecosystem. Regardless of the business’s size, geographical reach, and digital footprint, the need for high-quality legal support and consultancy services is undeniable. Managing legal affairs in-house would be ideal, but it tends to be an expensive endeavor as organizations require:

  • Skilled human resources
  • A resilient technological infrastructure
  • Financial means to support legal operations


Not every company is blessed with these necessary resources to handle their litigation and compliance needs – that is where legal services companies such as GreenPoint come in to assist. Through our base of US-trained attorneys and sister divisions in the technology space, GreenPoint is a well-equipped legal services corporation primed for matters of any size. We provide services at a reasonable price-point, which helps to keep costs lean during legal projects – either through temporary assistance on a contract basis or through helping your business find the best talent in a bottomless and elusive job market.

Our key service offerings include

Legal Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing legal work can do wonders for companies operating on a budget, or for entities wishing to scale their operations at a reasonable cost. GreenPoint specializes in providing bespoke legal services for small- and medium-sized businesses by providing the resources and means to handle disputes or compliance initiatives.

Litigation Services

Contentious disputes entail a lot of carefully vetted attorney work product and paperwork, which can many times drive up the overall costs incurred by a client. GreenPoint provides legal research services by attorneys capable of finding acute case laws and legal authorities in a sea of information. Our attorneys also provide top-class legal document preparation services for trial, regardless of the complexity of the briefs required by your company.


In addition to the support we provide in outsourcing and litigation, GreenPoint’s legal document services also extend to the publishing sphere. Our company employs a dedicated team of writers, editors, and publishers in-house, highly capable of covering any topic across many disciplines. This includes law, legal practice management, business, finance, tax, recruiting, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) – to name a few.

Legal Placement Services

GreenPoint’s legal consultancy and support services also extend to fostering temporary or long-term partnerships between our clients and the strongest talent in the market to suit their organizational needs. Our legal services within the US and North America have enabled us to make meaningful relationships with many firms and many qualified candidates across the nation. GPESR – a division of GreenPoint Law & Compliance – has a dedicated team of US barred attorneys and skilled recruiters with experience in a broad spectrum of legal fields, such as – corporate law, intellectual property, real estate, family law, data privacy, litigation, etc. We also staff positions in the law firm organizational space, which include – professional development, human resources, information technology, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.